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Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna

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Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna
Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna
Elektrostal, Russia
registration 2009.09.10
ArtNow rating (Graphics): 389
Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna окончила hud.-graficheskiy faculty MPGU im. Lenina. in 1995г. 1996-2007 gg. -joint and personal exhibitions in Main architectural-design management (Moscow), Gosdume (Moscow), Management on deals of the president (RF).

1997 - CDH, exhibition ART gallery "Alliance creative activity" "In quest of genre " (Moscow).

1998 -a collective show of the work in Ukrainian house (the Kiev).( In presence catalogue exhibitions) 1999г-cooperation with gallery "Best", "Марс", "Три building".
1996-2009 gg. - a personal exhibitions in gallery "S'ARTE (Doneck-Kiev).

2001-2006 gg. - a personal exhibitions in Feodosii, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donecke, Moscow, Elektrostali.

Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna. Graphics

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Mirgorod Irina. Not titled

161 161 USD


Author: Mirgorod Irina

Medium: paper

Technical: pencil

Size: 50x70 cm

161 USD

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