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Berdyshev Igor Zagrievich

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Berdyshev Igor Zagrievich
Berdyshev Igor Zagrievich
Moscow, Russia
registration 2012.10.16
ArtNow rating (Graphics): 513
Born March 24, 1954 in the city of Kashira, Moscow region.
He graduated from the Theatre Arts Technical School in Moscow.
Graduated from Stroganov MVHPU.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the city, zonal and national exhibitions.
Held three solo exhibitions.

Winner of the contest (The best work of 2012) in the category
Audience Award - for the rich, melodious, decorative bright with a touch of
woodcut styling and naive parable allegorical painting, creative and aesthetic
phenomenon of personality, high energy spectator interest
                             Counselor of the Department of Culture of Moscow - V.N.Kapitonenko

Many of the works are in private collections both in Russia and abroad, as well as
Lytkarinsky in museum

Berdyshev Igor Zagrievich. Graphics

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Berdyshev Igor. Houses by the river

404 404 USD


Author: Berdyshev Igor

Medium: cardboard

Technical: oil

Size: 30x40 cm

404 USD

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