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Yudaev-Racei Yuri

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Yudaev-Racei Yuri
Yudaev-Racei Yuri
Moscow, Russia
registration 2007.12.23
ArtNow rating (Wall painting): 528
Yuri Yudaev / racei

Born on June, 15, 1956 in Kaliningrad / Konigsberg
Х 1977-1985 - graduated the artistic-graphic faculty of State Pedagogical University (Moscow)
Х 1986 - member of Soviet Artistic Union
Х 1987 - participant of the All-Union artistic exhibition «Youth of Country» (The "Manezh" Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow)
Х 1987-1990 - worked on the monumental painting
Х 2000 - graduated the educational program of Institute of Contemporary Art; teachers: V.Koleychuk, V.Stigneev, A.Yakimovich, E.Petrovskaya, O.Aronson, Yu.Sobolev

* * *
Last Exhibitions and Actions:

Х September 2 - 22, 2014: five works at the «New Era» Gallery exhibition / Central House of Artists, Moscow
Х April 30 - May 11, 2014: seven works were exhibited at the «Abstract Painting In The Spirited Space» show / Central House of Artists, Moscow
Х September - October 2013: participant of the Fifth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art / Project «Choosing The Route» at the design center "Artplay"
Х September 2012 - February 2013: «Water - Endless Faces», exhibition in M.Lermontov’s Museum in Zarechny / Penza-19, Russia.
Х October - December 2010: IV Triennale «Drawing of Russia» (Tomsk Regional Museum of Art), Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.
Х June 2009: Anniversary exhibition dedicated to Bicentenary from Nikolai Gogol birthday in Moscow Nations House.
Х August-November 2008: International Plenair in Odessa and Khmel'nitskiy Region, Ukraine
Х From June 2007 to March 2008 - published 3 large art-historian articles «DEKO» Magazine, Publishing House «GAMMA».
Х July 2003 - GTG (State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow) showed a video-film «Zayaz» (7'33'')
Х September 2001 - performance «But me?» Novodevichie Cemetery, Moscow on a Street-Festival «Collection Leto».
Х July 2000 - Moscow Performance Street-Festival of art-group «Leto»: environment «Without Trace», performance «mosTsom».

Yudaev-Racei Yuri. Wall painting

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