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How to buy

E-mail to the artist
  1. Choose the painting / artwork you like on our website. You can also look for desired paintings. The paintings can be selected by price, size, genre, style and other parameters using the service of selecting paintings and works.

  2. If the artwork is available for sale, you will see a button Add to cart or Buy now next to its image.
    Click on this button and the product will be added to your shopping cart.

  3. After adding all the paintings you are interested in, click on the button To shopping cart or the button with the basket image in the upper right corner of the web page.
    You will be asked to fill in the order form (your name, e-mail, phone, delivery city, your wishes for the order). Fill in the fields and click the button Send order.
  4. When we receive your order, we will send the artists or their representatives the information about your order and your coordinates within an hour. We will send a notification on the e-mail, specified by you when placing your order, that your orders are transferred to artists.

  5. After that, the artists will contact you, and you will be able to agree with them on the methods of payment and delivery, discuss all issues related to the purchase and transfer of paintings / artworks to you, without any intermediaries.

The delivery cost and additional expenses (export permit, packing expenses, insurance and so on) are paid by the buyer, that is, the price on the website does not include these expenses. The delivery details are discussed between the artist and the buyer.


Typically, the payment details are discussed between the artist and the buyer.

Framed / non-framed paintings

If a painting has been already framed, you will see the “Artwork framed” text under the painting’s image. The frame cost is included in the painting price. If there is no “Artwork framed” text under the painting’s image, you will have to discuss this subject with the author.

Additional information

If you order an author’s copy, you need to understand that preparing the copy will take some time (from a couple of days to several weeks). You should discuss the timeline with the painter in advance.

If for some reasons you want to cancel your order, you can do it at any time before making payments - you only need to send cancellation to the painter and Administration.

If you want to buy a certain artwork but you cannot afford buying it, send your bid to and, perhaps, we will manage to persuade the painter to lower his price.

If you want make an order by email or ask some relevant questions, email to