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Gaganov Alexander Pavlovich

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Gaganov Alexander Pavlovich
Gaganov Alexander Pavlovich
Moscow/White Kalitva, Russia
registration 2008.02.21
ArtNow rating (Graphics): 619
To glorify the beauty and harmony of the universe.

Picasso once advocated that Cezanne write my apples even ten times better, he would not call his interest if he was thinking, as EB - Flour Van Gogh, Cezanne, excitement is the true drama, the rest is all humbug.

Painter, chart, designer, teacher.
Borned in 1951g. in Kol'chugino, Vladimirovskoy of obl.
Interest to drawing showed up in early age.
Got busy in izostudiyakh White Kalitva, Rostov obl. (1960-1964).
Studies in Rostov artistic school the name of M.B. Grekova on picturesque and decoratively-designer separation at T.F. Teryaeva (1973-1977). Got lesson u s. Pavlovskogo leader of experimental monumental workshop Moscow.
With 1977-2002 lived in White Kalitva. Worked as an artist-designer, taught at school of arts. In own time engaged in painting and graphic arts.
From 2003-2008, he lived in Moskva.
In 2008 Moscow / Bela Kalitva

Gaganov Alexander Pavlovich. Graphics

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