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Sulimov Alexandr Ivanovich

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Sulimov Alexandr Ivanovich
Sulimov Alexandr Ivanovich
Zhigulyovsk, Russia
registration 2008.05.05
ArtNow rating (Copies): 455
Was born in Kurgan. Member of TLC Russia. Currently resides in Togliatti.

Exhibitions: urban, regional in Kurgan;
city of Togliatti, the student of the exhibition "The product of the year" (Togliatti) - 2007.
Moscow International Art Salon, 2006.
Personal exhibition in Moscow in Gallery 21, 2008.

Over 200 artworks are in private collections in America, Australia, China, Europe.

Sulimov Alexandr Ivanovich. Copies

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Sulimov Alexandr. Not titled

242 242 USD


Author: Sulimov Alexandr

Medium: canvas

Technical: oil

Size: 46x66 cm

242 USD

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