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Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin Rowan Night.

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Naumova Marina. Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin Rowan Night
Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin Rowan Night
56 x 23 cm, , 2018
The artwork is framed
Artist: Naumova Marina
Moscow, Russia
3800 USD
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About work: This lamp is the embodiment of tenderness.
A thin, exquisite pattern fuses the fruit, twists at the neck and collects all the strings in one bundle.

Each part has its own picture.
All shares are united by a gold placer.

There are tens of thousands of millimeter holes. And it creates an amazing golden luster.
In combination with a half-cut bark that glows with soft light, it gives the feeling of a fairy tale. It’s like you opened a treasure chest. Along each element of the composition there is an iridescent thread of the finest holes, which creates a feeling of golden luster.

There is an amazing game of light and color. After all, the body of the fetus has a clear, warm, yellow, sometimes even orange color. A crust of fruit does not let the glow go outside.

The neck of the lamp continues the same bends, resting on the top of the head.

Rowan night is the first lamp in which the pristine, natural top of the pumpkin is preserved.
A tail of a pumpkin ends with a small golden figure of a graceful cat.

Stand with ceramic fittings. Has special ears that hold the whole lamp.
Thanks to this, the lamp can be picked up for a thin neck to carry.

If you turn the lamp while holding the stand, it can be removed from the stand and replaced with a light bulb.
Although the lamp Led is promised to work more than 10 years.