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Sea ducks

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Simonova Olga. Sea ducks
Sea ducks
60 x 60 cm, canvas/oil, 2020
Artist: Simonova Olga
Sochi, Russia
395 USD
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Subject: Conversation
Style: Realism
About work: Sea Ducks is an original oil painting on canvas stretched over a stretcher. Written after a walk along the seaport. Every winter, sea ducks and seagulls fly to our city of Sochi. The sea does not freeze, and here they find food. People feed them bread. They dive and fish underwater. A picture can be a pleasant gift, decorate the interior of a room or office. It can be given for housewarming or a birthday to lovers of the sea or ocean. Exists in a single copy. Not yet issued. At the request of the buyer, I can draw a picture in a baguette for an additional fee. After the sale I will send the picture within 5 days. The size of the painting is 60 x 60 cm. It is necessary to protect the picture from dampness.