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From "The History of Coiffure. France, XVIII Century"

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Shereshevskiy Leonid. From "The History of Coiffure. France, XVIII Century"
From "The History of Coiffure. France, XVIII Century"
25 x 47 cm, ceramics, 1996
The artwork is framed
Artist: Shereshevskiy Leonid
Samara, Russia
2000 USD
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Subject: Portrait
Style: Symbolism
About work: The idea is based on a real fact from the history of the 18th century fashion. At that time women’s coiffures which were high in themselves were made still higher with various massive decorations. For example, we know the famous portrait of Marie-Antoinette with a ship on her head. We also know what happened to her head during the Great French Revolution. As for the ship, it “behaves” differently in different works of the series: sometimes it seems to be wrecked, sometimes it bravely keeps on sailing, which suggests the idea that human life is transitory while life as a whole is imperishable. “And the ship sails on!” The idea is greatly enriched by the subtle play of forms in which light is of primary importance, either revealing the delicate outlines of faces or concealing them, turning heads and frigates into something like sea boulders and making us almost physically feel the breath of Fate…