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The Kargopol yard

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Alexandrovsky Alexander. The Kargopol yard
The Kargopol yard
60 x 70 cm, canvas/oil, 2019
Artist: Alexandrovsky Alexander
St.Petersburg, Russia
215 USD
477 USD -55%
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Subject: Landscape
Style: Realism
About work: This place is a Russian town Kargopol which near to Arkhangelsk. It is located on the Onega river shore. A fabulous Russian winter in the city of Kargopol. In the courtyard a wooden house with blue shutters cover the branches of mountain ash. Under the tree, the gray ravens peck red berries on the snow. In the middle of the yard there is a horse. On the sleigh lies the hay. The old man, talking to his dog, draws water from the well. A tall green birch grows near a low green fence. On its trunk there are wooden birdhouses. And behind the branches, in the faint frosty haze are visible blue domes of the church.