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Brooch "Children of sea"

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Kozlov Kirill. Brooch "Children of sea"
Brooch "Children of sea"
4 x 7.3 cm, carving, 2015
Artist: Kozlov Kirill
Moscow, Russia
1354 USD
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Keywords: anchor, wave, ship, girl, sea
Subject: Portrait
Style: Realism
About work: And she dreamed of wonderful songs. .. about the inhabitants of the sea. . Triton zelenoborodyh. .. concerning the king's Hall of amber - it has emerald on the roof. .. underwater gardens. .. She sang the huge whales, sailing from the northern seas.. . about Sirens who tell such wonderful tales of sunken galleys. … .. about small
shells, great traveler. .. She sang about mollusks Nautilus: who his own opal small boat, with silk and sail the sea of small children, who caught a turtle and laughing ride on her back. .. (Oscar Wilde, "The Fisherman and His soul ")