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based on Peter Bruegel

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Zverkhovsky Petr. based on Peter Bruegel
based on Peter Bruegel
65 x 74 cm, canvas/oil, 2018
Artist: Zverkhovsky Petr
Volgograd, Russia
4156 USD
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Subject: Conversation
About work: Genre scene depicting people at the skating rink. This picture is caused by memories of the paintings by Peter Bruegel. With the difference that if in Bruegel pitures the skaters are put on the ice of the pond in the countryside, here they ride right next to the walls of urban buildings. The figure skater in the center of the picture attracts the eyes of those present. This is indicated only by the postures of skaters, since facial expressions are indistinguishable. The atmosphere of understatement. The fragrance of Hoffmann's tales.