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Village Kravotyn, spring

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Alexandrovsky Alexander. Village Kravotyn, spring
Village Kravotyn, spring
40 x 70 cm, canvas/oil, 2019
Artist: Alexandrovsky Alexander
St.Petersburg, Russia
388 USD
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Subject: Landscape
Style: Realism
About work: In the background the Church of the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple in Kravotyn.
Ostashkovsky District. The major part of the district belongs to the drainage basin of the Volga River. The source of the Volga is located in the district, in the selo of Volgoverkhovye. The district is locates in the southern outskirts of the Valdai Hills, and there is a large lake district in the area of Ostashkovsky District. The biggest lakes in the area are Lake Seliger, with the town of Ostashkov located on its shore, Lake Volgo and Lake Sterzh (parts of Upper Volga Reservoir), and Lake Sig. Both Seliger (via the Selizharovka River) and Sig drain into the Volga, Verkhyaya Volga Reservoir is built in the upper course of the Volga, and the Volga flows through Lake Volgo. Minor areas in the northwest of the district belong to the basin of the Pola River in the basin of the Neva, and rivers in the northeast of the district drain to the Shlina River, also in the drainage basin of the Neva. The Neva drains into the Baltic Sea, and the Volga drains into the Caspian Sea. Thus, the divide between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caspian Sea runs through the district.