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Early morning in Rostov the Great

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Simonova Olga. Early morning in Rostov the Great
Early morning in Rostov the Great
55 x 50 cm, canvas/oil, 2019
Artist: Simonova Olga
Sochi, Russia
362 USD
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Subject: Landscape
Style: Realism
About work: Remembering the open air with the project "Russian Atlantis" and Vitaly Vasilyev in Rostov the Great. Finished work on the sketch begun on the trip. For me it was a feat! Get up at 4 in the morning in order to leave at 4-30 with the artists Yuri Ryazantsev and Vladimir Aksenov for morning studies. The first time I saw the Rostov Kremlin, illuminated by the rays of the rising sun! Deserted streets, screams of jackdaws and a cool breeze. The beauty of the old Kremlin struck me! The silver domes of the church and the characteristic wooden tops of the towers of the fortress wall! Oil painting on canvas stretched on a stretcher. Not framed